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the quarantine collection. 10% of the proceeds from this collection will go to No Kid Hungry.

it's a confusing, scary, and downright unprecedented time. while the names of these presets are meant in a more tongue-in-cheek manner, I genuinely hope that everyone is staying healthy, staying safe, and above all - staying home (when possible). these presets won't be around forever, like my other collections, but I'm excited to release a small handful of Lightroom filters that hopefully help with that shooting some new "at home" content.  these are a bit more intense than my normal style, but as always, with some tweaking, can be applied to a wide variety of pictures. they're warm, calm, cozy, and for the first time - there's a black and white preset! B&W will always have a special place in my heart, since learning to develop my own B&W film in photography class in high school, and to this day, I find such a romanticism, a stillness, and a true capture of emotion in black + white photos. with this being a time we certainly want to document, I felt that a black + white filter would be a nice touch in capture what our daily lives have been looking like lately.

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I hope you enjoy them, have fun with them, and again, are taking care of yourselves.